Best Gardening Ideas for Your Climate

Best Gardening Ideas for Your Climate

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  1. How to choose the best flowers for your climate

    When you decide that you want to have a beautiful backyard, you start to think of what would make it that way right? That is when you go to your local hardware store and look around at all the pretty flowers.   I live in Wisconsin, and the part of  Wisconsin I live in has a Zone 5 recommendation.  Are you wondering what a Zone is and how to find your  Zone? You can search it on the internet, or ask at your local hardware store,  and they will be able to tell you what flowers best suit your Zone.  Many flowers are adaptable at many different  Zones, here is a list of flowers that I absolutely love, and does well in many different  Zones.

    Lily Of The Valley

    You will never smell anything more wonderful than these dainty little flowers, in my opinion, not even roses!. They grow in clusters of little white bells, on tiny little stems, that will bring your garden to life. They bloom in mid to late spring. People have used these in place of baby’s breath, as well as in corsages for prom or any special occasion, such as weddings, anniversaries, etc.  Lily’s of the valley love shade, but if happy, will spread rapidly for an amazingly fragrant ground cover, that will come back every year. Does well  in  Zones 2 through 8.

    TipAnnual’s have to be replanted every year, and only last a couple of months, and perennials only have to be planted once and will come back every year. The flowers i have listed here are perennials.


    These are very beautiful and last a very long time.  They come in a variety of different colors and have a wonderful smell. Great to use as borders or entryways, or anywhere you would like to have them.  Peony’s provide a lifetime of beauty to your garden, they will need room because they can get up to 24 inches wide and 36 inches tall.  They prefer to be in a sunny place, but can do well in partial shade. Does well in  Zones 3 to 9.

    Lilac Tree

    This is an old time favorite that people have been planting, and replanting for many years. The reason I call it a tree is because of how big it gets. It can grow to 6 feet tall, and also 6 feet wide depending on the sunlight it receives.  These do well to just be planted and forgotten "meaning " you won’t have to water it, Mother Nature does best.  The lilac can have different colored flowers, either white, purple, or pink. Does well  in Zones 4 through 7 and prefers full sun to partial shade.


    Great for ground cover! This plant does very well in shady corners of your yard, it will not do well if exposed to sun for too long during the day. Hosta’s come in different shades of green or green with white, and the leaves can be shaped differently as well,  whatever your personal preference is. In mid summer these plants produce a stalk that will have either a purple or white flower. Does well in zones 3 through 9 and will get bigger every  year.

    Clematis Vine

    This is a vine that does well, when able to climb. If you have an ugly, or empty spot in your yard that you are tired of looking at, these are the vines for you. They come in multiple colors,  and create a sense of privacy and beauty to your property. They bloom from Mid- summer through fall and,  if not pruned regularly can get out of control. They can grow up to 5 feet tall, and spread like wildflowers. Does well  in Zones 4 through 9, and prefers full sun to partial shade.


    You can buy these as a mixture or separate colors as you desire. The different colors are amazing with their fancy blooms and bloom for a long time. Daffodils are perfect for the centerpiece of your garden, or as a border for a walkway or against a structure, they have an amazing fragrance that will keep you coming back to smell over and over! Does well  in  Zones 3 through 8, and prefers full sun to partial shade.


    These can be multiple colors, and blooms in early to mid- summer, great for borders, or accents in your garden. They multiply every year, and do well in Zones 4 through 9, and prefer full sun to partial shade.

    Bleeding Hearts

    You will absolutely fall in love with this beautiful plant!. The bleeding heart is the only plant that produces heart shaped flowers. They will add charm, and elegance to any garden.  Bleeding hearts prefer shade and will start blooming in mid to late spring, and can grow up to 3 feet tall with a 3 foot spread.  Does well in Zones 2 through 9.

    All the plants I have listed are perennials, which means that they will come back every year.

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