​Best Lip Plumpers That Would Make Angelina Jolie Jealous

​Best Lip Plumpers That Would Make Angelina Jolie Jealous

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  1. Lips come in varied different shapes and sizes, which makes it difficult to give certain individuals a full lipped Angelina Jolie look; however, now with the use of particular products anyone can achieve a plumped lip look that would make Angelina Jolie Jealous. Not everyone can afford cosmetic lip enhancement, so in this article we’re going to discuss 7 of the best lip plumpers that will give you that big plump pouty look that every girl desires. 

    1. Fusion Beauty Lipfusion XL 

    This is a topical night time treatment that you put on right before bed, so when you wake up the following morning your perfect pout will be ready for the day. The active ingredients within this product works to give your lips two times more natural pure collagen and hyaluronic acid, which is designed to work with your bodies water for maximum hydration and long lasting plump. The price point of this product is about 52.00. 
    2. City Lips Lip Plumper 

    With City lips like most plumper’s while giving you an almost instant pout, the ingredients within these products also help to eliminate the fine lines and wrinkles within your lips in order to give you a new rejuvenated youthful look. The ingredients within this product help to enhance the natural collagen within your lips as well as the hyaluronic acid and elastin in order to help maximize the moisture levels within your lips. This product is designed to be painless and irritation free, while giving you the best enhanced look for your dollar. The price point on this product is about 40.00 
    3. DuWop Lip Venom 

    This product was the original lip plumper, and for a cheaper price point this may just do the trick for you. It doesn’t contain hyaluronic acid like most plumper’s out there today, so it won’t plump your lips as much as the other listed products; however, this product is only about 16.00 on the market. This product uses pure natural enhancers such as cinnamon, ginger and wintergreen oils in order to give your lips the lushness that they so desire, so if you’re looking for a chemical free and cheaper option 

    4. Skin Chemists Lip Plump 

    This Lip Plump is designed to enhance your lips, and give them the lush pucker that your lips so crave. The ingredients in this lip plump consists of hyaluronic acid, benzyl nicotinate and sodium hyaluronate. Not only does this product act as an alternative to professional lip enhancement, but it also helps to hide any fine lines thus giving you a youthful appearance. The price point for this product is about 53.00. 
    5. La Prairie Cellular Lip Line Plumper 2.5 

    This lip plumper has several different jobs such as acting as an exfoliant, moisturizer, retexturing treatment, conditioner and it also protects your lips from harsh environments. This lip plumper will restore any damage that has been caused from oxidation by rebuilding your lips, and stimulating the flow of your natural collagen and elastin. The price point of this product is about 83.00. 

    6. Kiss Me Lip Plumper 

    This product has great reviews, and it is designed to give you fuller pouty lips. This product will give you pain free lip enhancement, and it comes in several different shades and shines. It guarantees sexy fuller lips with a soft and smooth finish, and the price point is only 6.00. 
    7. Freeze 24/7 Lip Plumper 

    This product comes in several different shades, and it is one of the better products out there for a long lasting plump lipped look. With this product the results are instant, and you can get the results without the side effects of most products which consist of dryness, burning and irritation. The price point of this product is about 22.00. 
    Each of these items have received high reviews the only main factor between each of them is how well they work, and whether or not you’re paying for the quality of lip plumping. There’s both natural and chemical plumps that are available on the shelf, and they all allow for the blood vessels within your lips to open up causing a tingling or burning sensation within your lips. If you’re wanting that Angelina Jolie look then give some of these products a try because i’m sure each of them would make Angelina Jolie jealous.

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