Best Place to Buy BNS Gold for the Release of Silverfrost Mountains

Best Place to Buy BNS Gold for the Release of Silverfrost Mountains

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  1. With 2.0 patch notes published, the biggest Blade & Soul expansion ever, Silverfrost Mountains expansion has been released since March 23. If you need cheap blade and soul gold on your way to level 50, safewow is the best place t o buy bns gold cheap with 8% discount and 10% extra bonus.

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    Silverfrost Mountains released as the biggest BnS expansion

    During the past few months, the west release of Blade & Soul has kept up a very fast pace to update the Rising Water and Unchained expansions. Now the third (and also the biggest) expansion, Silverfrost Mountains has been released on March 23 with lots more to come. Firstly, the level cap increases to 50. Secondly, eight new dungeons (five Expert and three Heroic) are also available and all give you a lot to do, not to mention exploring the zones themselves. If that is not enough, guilds also get some updates as well with the clan level increase to fifteen. Also, clans can now design their own costume outfit. What’s more, the Soul Stone Plains offer a new PvP area for battles and grant chance to earn Soulstones and Moonstones. Last of all, the Grand Harvest Square comes on March 23 and brings a timed instance into the game. To enjoy all available new updates, it is necessary to find a reliable site to buy blade & soul gold. Here I’d like to recommend safewow to you with some reasons below.

    Safewow is the best place to buy bns gold cheap and fast

    Except for the source of gold, which is very important to ensure your account security, the price and speed of delivery are also important elements that need to consider while buying bns gold online. If you are searching site for bns gold cheap and fast, safewow is definitely the best choice. Buying bns gold on safewow by April 18, you will get 10% extra free bonus, not to mention that the 8% discount code “BNS8” is always valid to help you save more. As for the speed of delivery, safewow offers 24/7 Live Help service that is always on called any time you need, plus the adequate stock of bns gold, we can guarantee that all gold you buy from safewow will be delivered within 20 minutes!

    What are you waiting for? Just come to safewow, the best place to buy bns gold cheap and fast to enjoy the Silverfrost Mountains. If you want to get some cool appearances, you can also check Hoogmoon store for new consumables and resources!

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