Best Smartphone

Best Smartphone

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  1. The Zack Morris, big, grey, brick phones are a thing of the past. The Nokia’s with Snake; burry those in the time capsule too.  Today, it’s all about the smartphones, and who has the best one.  So, you hear all the chatter about team Iphone, team blackberry or team android, and wonder how do you decide which one you have to have. 

    If you like the convenience of user friendly, even your two your old brother can work it, you should probably choose the IPhone.  Touch screen; and one button operation is all you need to get going with this smartphone.  The muti-use app function on the new iphone 4s allows you to listen to music and browse the web.  You can even talk on the phone and play a game at the same time. If you are all about functionality and ease, then the Iphone is for you. 

    If you are use to the ball and stick method, then the Blackberry is for you.  Stay in contact with coworkers while away from the job. Take care of your clients using your business applications.  This smartphone is just right for the business saavy executive.

    If you are a individual that is knowledable, maybe even tends to get excited about unique software techniques, try out the droid.  Although more complicated then the competing smartphones, the available apps can expand this phones functionality well beyond any of the other smart phones. But, be careful, you do not want to download any misleading apps.  They are put in place by hackers, and unfornutely not screened or blocked, like other smartphones’ operating systems.

    Still not sure which is best after a short smartphone review? Smartphones genuiely have the same functions;  built with different operating systems like computers. It really depends on your personality and what you are looking for.  First time smartphone users should go with an Iphone, a two year old can operate it.  But, if you are looking to expand your horizons, and are not a business executive, then a droid is for you.

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