Best Way to Level Up Woodcutting Fast and Gain More rs 3 gold for sale in Runescape

Best Way to Level Up Woodcutting Fast and Gain More rs 3 gold for sale in Runescape

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  1. If you want to make the most of the Runescape, you should try your best to level up every skill in game. One of the important skills you should pay attention is Woodcutting since this can help you make cheap rs gold fast in game. If you need RS 3 gold in game, you can always buy cheapest RS gold on RSorder. You see, it is easy to bored when training Woodcutting. Luckily, here are our tips on how to train Woodcutting in most efficient ways.

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    Level up at low levels to 40

    To level up woodcutting from 1-20, you can consider cutting normal trees south of the Grand Exchange. Bank them first and sell them for money once you reached 20 level. For 40 woodcutting, you can cut down oak trees west of the general store in Lumbridge. They can make decent money although they are priced. When you’re that low of a level, you usually don’t have money. Yu should save the logs for fletching or firemaking. You can get cheapest RS gold on RSorder if you need RS gold in game while training your woodcutting.

    Achieve 60 woodcutting from 40

    To get 60 from 40, you can cut willows south of Draynor. Bank them and sell every willow log you have in the GE once you got 80 woodcutting. Of course, it is wise for you to You can also cut willows east of the Lumbridge general store and sell them at the general store when you get a full inventory. You can also buy better hatchets to increase your rate of speed to help improve your woodcutting level.

    Level fast from 68 to 99

    Cut chopping Ivy behind Varrock Castle or on the south wall of the Falador walls. When cutting chopping Ivy, just keep mute and listen carefully since these do drop bird’s nests. Levels from 94 to 99, you can chop crystal trees. These trees become active and inactive on a 2 hour rotation, and they are very AFK since they give no logs. If you need RS 3 gold to help you level up woodcutting, you can buy cheapest RS gold on RSorder.

    Hope these tips can help you gain lots of money from leveling up Woodcutting. You see, RS 3 gold is very important in game. As long as you are in lack of RS gold, you can visit RSorder and buy RS gold cheap on RSorder. Double 5% Offers is available now, and you can get 5% free gold bonus and 5% discount at the same time if you buy RS gold on our site.

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