Best choice to Get Cheap Neverwinter Items from Weekend Events & Safewow

Best choice to Get Cheap Neverwinter Items from Weekend Events & Safewow

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  1. If you are a fan of Neveriwnter, you should know that there will be special events every weekend, including 2X items, 20% off sale, etc. There is no exception this weekends. With these special events this weekend, Safewow is another fastest way to get cheap Neverwinter Items!

    2016 Thanksgiving Day is upcoming,safewow offer Up to free $10 Cash Coupons for neverwinter astral diamonds PC/PS4/Xbox buying as big Promo during Nov.09-Nov.15.

    THX3-$3 Cash code (when your order over $30)
    THX5-$5 Cash Code (When your order over $50)
    THX10-$10 Cash Code( When your order over $80)

    2x Stronghold Shards & 2x XP help strengthen your guild

    This weekend, 2x events will let you earn double the amount of shards and XP you normally do. It is the best time to earn neverwinter items in game.
    Stronghold Shards includes Adventurer’s Shard of Power from Heroic Encounters and Campaign Daily quests, Conqueror’s Shard of Power from PvP quests, Dungeoneer’s Shard of Power from Dungeon quests, and Heroic Shard of Power from special in-stronghold quests and Heroic Encounters.
    Besides, you can obtain 2x XP from professions, quests, invocation, completed Foundry missions, Companions, and killing creatures in game.

    20% sale on the Services and Strongholds category

    20% sale will make you buy the cheapest Neverwinter Items on Services and Strongholds category in the Zen Market.
    The items in the Services category are Bank Slots, Change Appearance Token, Character Slots, Glory Boosters, Inscribed Garments and more.
    The items in the Strongholds category include Strongbox Keys, Golden Bells, Stronghold Chest of Power, Stronghold Starter Pack.

    Buy Neverwinter Items from Safewow with fastest delivery and cheapest price

    There is no doubt that those special offers this weekend make all players easily obtain Neverwinter items cheap. But if you are tired of farming in game, you can buy neverwinter items from our site. First, we can deliver items to you in 30 – 60 minutes or faster once you place order successfully. Besides, you can use the discount code “ITEM” to buy neverwinter items and save 10% on Safewow.

    Do you want to buy Neverwinter Items cheap, but feel tired of farming again and over again? If so, you can buy them from Safewow.

    Kinds of neverwinter items for pc is offering on now,Using 10% discount code ITEM to buy it now.

    Never miss 8% discount code FM8OFF for neverwinter astral diamonds PS4/XB/PC buying at anytime.

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