Best choice to Use Rare Drop Rather Than Sell for Instant Swtor Credits

Best choice to Use Rare Drop Rather Than Sell for Instant Swtor Credits

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  1. If you get a very rare drop in swtor, will you use it or sell it for instant cheap swtor credits? Actually, it is more useful to use them , rather than selling, mainly because the chance is slim to get another one and that swtor credits are now cheaper and cheaper.

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    What if you get a Defiant Vented Lightsaber in swtor?

    When we get a rare drop in game, it is hard for many of us to use or sell it. If you have a Defiant Vented Lightsaber, what would you do with that? As it is rare, it is sold for around 122-88M swtor credit. Have no idea? It doesn’t matter, cause it also haunts other players.

    Reason 1 to use it: the chance is slim to obtain the rare drop

    All the rare drops are so rare in game so that they are more valuable and useful than others. As star wars Knights of the Eternal Throne approaches along with the GC release, what you will get depends on the command ranks. And many players think that the new system lowers the drop rate on the contrary. So in the upcoming expansion, the rare drop will be rarer than now.

    Reason 2 to use it: enjoying the game is more important that the rest

    Imagine that you wear Defiant Vented Lightsaber and people draw attention to you, what will you think? Being rich is neat and great, for many players. It’s no point to have millions of credits, isn’t it?

    Reason 3 to use it: cheap swtor credits are easier to earn than rare drops

    Frankly, swtor credits can be earned at any time, especially during festivals. From now on, Swtor2credits has a special offer for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. As long as you purchase on the site, you can use the discount code “TBF8” to save 8% off. If you buy over $30 for an order, you can use the code “TBF10” to save 10% off. In a word, the more you buy credits for swtor, the much more you will save.

    For such a situation, why would you need to sell the rare drops for credits? KOTET is coming soon. If you need cheapest swtor credits, you can feel free to buy from our site, and we promise to deliver to you in 10 minutes.
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