Best place to buy 9% off astral diamonds neverwinter enjoying Storm King’s Thunder now

Best place to buy 9% off astral diamonds neverwinter enjoying Storm King’s Thunder now

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  1. Well met, adventurers! There is one more days until Storm King’s Thunder arrives on PS4 and Xbox One Neverwinter! Before its release, there are 3 things you should notice, including the campaign, Everfrost Damage and Fangbreaker island.

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    1. Earn reputation to unlock campaign tasks

    The campaign is build on Neverwinter Mod 3 templates. So the ultimate goal for players is doing dailies and earning reputation to unlock campaign tasks. Here, you should bear in mind that:
    (1) Quests are spread out on three large zones;
    (2) New items will be added to the story and the price of the existing ones will be reduced. So you have to buy items with cheap astral diamonds ps4.
    (3) There will be no repeatable quest in the campaign.

    2. Everfrost Damage cannot be warded off by any defensive layer

    In Storm King’s Thunder, an outstanding addition is Everfrost damage which hits for an additional 50% of the pre-mitigated damage. What’s worse, no defensive layer or stat is able to help, only except for Everfrost Resistance.

    3. Fangbreaker island requires 28% Everfrost Resistance and more

    Fanfbreaker is the last unlock in the campaign, which requires 28% Everfrost Resistance. In PC version of Neverwinter, most groups run the dungeon at 3500+ and with a very specific setup, or they cannot hit the mark.
    As for the rewards from this dungeon, players always be granted Everfrost Armor Kits. On PC, the first players made a decent amount of Neverwinter Astral Diamonds by selling the kits. But most players complain that the rewards don’t match the efforts they pay for the dungeon.

    In addition to Fangbreaker island, Everfrost damage, and campaign, twisted weapons also play a great role in Neverwinter Storm King’s Thunder. Mark the date and get ready for neverwinter upcoming expansion on Xbox & PS4!
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