Best time to buy cheap 10% off blade and soul gold for Soul Fighter Class Coming on June 22

Best time to buy cheap 10% off blade and soul gold for Soul Fighter Class Coming on June 22

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  1. Today, NCSOFT announced that they will release the ninth and newest class, the Soul Fighter soon. They will be focusing on releasing content and overviews for the Soul Fighter in the next few days. Now, Safewow, which is a professional blade and soul gold seller, gives you a preview of the Soul Fighter.

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    Soul Fighter class will begin on June 22
    Players will be able to play the Soul Fighter class in Blade & Soul beginning on June 22. And on this Friday at 10am PDT, you will be to see the Soul Fighter in action on the official Blade & Soul Twitch channel.

    Soul Fighter is a merging of Force Master and Kung Fu Master
    The Soul Fighter is the second hybrid class for Blade & Soul. It is a combination of Force Master and Kung Fu Master. It’s merging the Frost control abilities of the Force Master and the reactive and reflexive moves of Kung Fu Master. Each set of skills is tied to an associated stance — Elemental or Kung Fu. And the switching between stances is done manually. While the Soul Fighter can take dedication and finesse to master, not quite as complex as the Kung Fu Master.

    Soul Fighter is dealing with Frost and Earth damages
    As a flexible and fast warrior, the Soul Fighter’s swift strikes are complemented by their equally-rapid dashes, keeping them from taking harm, and precisely positioning themselves to take advantage of their opponent’s vulnerabilities.
    What’s more, the Soul Fighter focuses on dealing with two types of damage: Frost and Earth. Not all skills will have an associated elemental damage, but some will have their damage increased with the selection of the right items. So to build a focus around one of these damage types is advantageous in the long run, especially as you get to the endgame dungeons.

    The Soul Fighter brings a deadly combination of frost and earth abilities to slow and crush their enemies in Blade & Soul. Will you give an update once the 22nd comes? No matter will you update or not, all of you are welcomed to purchase blade and soul cheap gold from Safewow. Have fun!

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