Best time to buy cheap neverwinter astral diamonds ps4 for upcoming Firemane Lockbox

Best time to buy cheap neverwinter astral diamonds ps4 for upcoming Firemane Lockbox

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  1. Neverwinter is now live on PlayStation?4! It’s time to defend the realms.
    Greetings adventurers, I’m here today to talk to you about the upcoming Firemane Lockbox. Drawing its name and motif from the regal lion god—Nobanion—the Firemane Lockbox features fittingly radiant rewards. In addition to one of two golden figurines of wondrous power capable of summoning forth mighty lions, the Firemane Lockbox features a number of noteworthy updates and additions to its common packs.

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    A note for new players: enchanted keys used to open lockboxes can be purchased in the zen market and may be obtained daily via our VIP program.

    Golden lion figurines are created as pairs and those found in the Firemane Lockbox are no exception. The Swift Golden Lion serves its owner as a legendary mount and features the powerful passive power Providence. With the power equipped there is a chance that when the equipped player or a teammate takes damage that they will be healed for 10% of their maximum hit points and that the equipped player will be granted a stack of radiant weapon.
    Radiant weapon is a new mechanic featured prominently in both golden lion’s abilities. The effect grants the bestowed player an additional 2% damage as radiant damage for 12 seconds. The effect may stack up to a maximum of 8 times for a total of 16% additional damage. Whenever a new stack of radiant weapon is applied its duration is reset. However, because Providence may not occur more than once every 15 seconds it will not be possible to maintain multiple stacks with that power alone.

    Other powers like the mount’s active power—Aureal Armament—may also grant stacks of radiant weapon, albeit in differing ways. Upon activating Aureal Armament the swift golden lion will crash into the targeted enemy and knock back all nearby foes. Nearby allies will receive a shield for 100% of their maximum hit points for 10 seconds. When the shield expires, should any of its hit points be remaining, the affected player will receive up to 3 stacks of radiant weapon. Aurulent Armament is a powerful defensive ability that recuperates much of its usefulness in offense should its defensive element not be utilized.

    The second lion figurine, the Stalwart Golden Lion serves as a companion and steadfast defender. This companion is also capable of granting stacks of radiant weapon. It may do so in one of two ways. The first, its active companion bonus allows any active companion to grant its owner 1 stack of radiant weapon by activating any power. The effect may occur at most once every 15 seconds. The lion is also capable of granting radiant weapon with its powerful Aurulent Roar ability. In addition to generating substantial threat in a radius around the lion, nearby allies are granted 2 stacks of radiant weapon. Together these abilities can be utilized to maintain a powerful damage enhancement.

    In addition to his roar, the steadfast lion also has access to Aureal Claw, a powerful swipe that deals physical damage followed by radiant damage over time. The unique nature of this companion doesn’t end with his mechanics. The lion also features unique visual effects. Upon entering combat, his radiant aura materializes into a suit of solid armor. The sight of the armor taking on its corporeal form as your companion enters the fray truly sets him apart from other companions.

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