Best time to gain cheap wow legion gold and enjoy Resubscribe Legion Features

Best time to gain cheap wow legion gold and enjoy Resubscribe Legion Features

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  1. World of Warcraft has been losing millions of subscribers this year. However, new expansion Legion might be able to bring them back.

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    Blizzard announced several features for the expansion that should make WoW veterans very happy. These features are changes that the game’s needed for a long time. Maybe they’ll be enough to get former players to resubscribe.
    PvP-Only Abilities
    Balancing player classes across both PvE and PvP in World of Warcraft has been a long-time struggle for Blizzard. They have to make sure that an ability is useful for dungeons and raids but not so powerful that it would give the character an unfair advantage in battlegrounds and arenas. Blizzard’s solution in Legion is to offer a separate PvP talent system. As players earn Honor ranks, they can unlock special abilities that only work in battleground and arenas. In addition to making PvP balance easier to attain, this new system takes the focus away from grinding Honor and Conquest gear. Your choice of PvP talents and how you use them will matter more than your equipment.
    World of Warcraft: Legion brings a whole new continent of content to explore. It also introduces a new hero class, the demon hunter, and new Artifact super-weapons that have their own upgrade paths.

    Oli is playing WOW Legion and hopes to have something to share in a couple of weeks, though that may not be a review. In the meantime let us know how you’re getting on. What level are you? For starters.

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