BoEs Removed from WOW Legion World Quests

BoEs Removed from WOW Legion World Quests

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  1. Recently, the topic for WOW Legion Mythic dungeons becomes more and more heated. The overwhelming number of players think that the current mythic dungeons are less challengeable. To make the game more playable, Blizzard decides to remove BOE rewards from World Quests. Read on to learn more about this change.

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    BoE rewards are removed from World Quests
    The adjustment that WOW world quests will no longer reward BoE items has taken into practice already, mainly because the BoEs are always overshadowing other sources of loot like crafted profession gear.
    In current World Quest system, once a player’s own item level increases, the quality of many World Quest item rewards rises as well. To be circulated, BoEs would overshadow other sources of loot and crafted items.
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    Too many players currently complain that Mythic dungeons are boring and meaningless. If you also think so, you can gear up to challenges world quests in Legion.
    So far, it is well known that many new world quests and secret world bosses are added in WOW Legion, like Reins of the Long-Forgotten Hippogryph and Kosumoth the Hungering. Yes, it is easy to find some useful tips to take down these world bosses and get loot. But world bosses and quests always require both skills and a certain number of supplies. To get the rare loot from the world quests, you can buy cheap wow gold in advance to prepare for a rainy day.
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