Book Review of Dan Millers 48 Days To The Work You Love

Book Review of Dan Millers 48 Days To The Work You Love

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  1. I have been reading a book by Dan Miller called 48 Days To The Work You Love.

    Many times we are going to a job day after day.  We dread getting up.  We dread going to work.  We can’t wait for it to be over.  We count down every minute, every second.  We look forward to the weekend.  Then we dread going to work again on Monday.

    What if we didn’t have to dread going to work?  What if we did something we love to do and found a way to make money doing it?

    What are we passionate about?  Is there a way to take that and make money at it?  Enough money to support our families, keep a roof over our heads and food on the table?

    In Dan’s book, he gives step-by-step exercises on how to find your passion and how to channel it into something that is profitable.  All in forty-eight days.

    Hailed on the radio by financial guru Dave Ramsey, Dan is a popular author on the subject of finding your passion and turning your job into a career you love.

    In this book, he forces you to take a long, hard look at your life.

    Take a moment and think about this question for a moment: Are you really happy with the job you have right now?  Do you ever dread going to it?  Are you ever burnt out?  Wondering how you are going to make it through another day there?

    What would you rather be doing?  And no, sitting on the couch, watching television, stuffing your face doesn’t count.

    What keeps you up at night?  What makes your heart race like you were in love?  What is that thing, that passion that haunts your thoughts first thing in the morning and last thing before your head hits the pillow?

    Without meaning, what you do for a living is just a job, explains Dan Miller.  What you do must have purpose, meaning.  If you are going to work just to cash a paycheck, you are missing out on the best part of doing for others. 

    The “how am I making a difference?” question must be one that is foremost in the mind of anyone wanting to turn their job into a career or be fulfilled in what they are doing.

    If you are not fulfilled in your current position, if you are not making a difference or using your gifts and talents in a way that is profitable, then I highly recommend that you read Dan Miller’s 48 Days To The Work You Love.

    Even if you are satisfied with your current job, challenge your thinking by reading this book.  You might discover passions and talents that you didn’t realize you had that could make you lots of money.

    If you feel stagnant, as if your life is at a standstill, pick up this book, follow the steps and see where the journey takes you.  It might take you places that you never imagined possible.

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