Breast Cancer

Breast Cancer

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  1. Breast cancer grows inside the breast tissues, typically in the milk ducts called as ductal carcinoma lobular carcinoma glands. When these cancer cells spread in different parts of the body and is discovered in later stages is called as an Advanced or Metastatic Breast Cancers and are treated through surgeries only.

    Objective of a Breast Cancer Treatment

    The objective of a breast cancer treatment is to completely remove the cancerous tumor and some of the surrounding healthy tissues of the breasts.

    Causes for Breast Cancer

    ·         Increasing age

    ·         Women having a family history of the cancer.

    ·         Woman who have some specific types of benign breast lumps and who already had breast cancer or an ovarian cancer.

    ·         Women whose daughter, sister or mother previously had breast cancer.

    ·         Overweight

    ·         Exposure to oestrogen

    ·         Birth Control pills

    ·         Hormone Replacement therapy

    Breast Cancer Treatment Procedures

    ·         Surgical procedure

    ·         Chemotherapy

    ·         Hormone therapy

    ·         Radiation therapy

    ·         Bone-directed therapy

    ·         Targeted therapy

    ·         Breast Reconstruction

    Things to be done after Breast Cancer Treatment

    ·         Visit your Oncologist/cancer surgeon regularly

    ·         Do regular check-ups

    ·         Perform Mammograms as advised by the surgeon.

    ·         Regular chest X-rays and routine blood tests

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