Buy Cheap runescape gold to Enjoy POH Improvements, Prifddinas Updates & Solomons 60% Sale

Buy Cheap runescape gold to Enjoy POH Improvements, Prifddinas Updates & Solomons 60% Sale

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  1. The summer sale in Solomon’s store is in full swing with 60% discount for some packs, outfits and pets. Time to treat yourself and save money with cheap runescape gold on RSorder before the sale completes on August 9! Besides, there are some improvements for POH to make your own house more functional, along with a bunch of updates on Prifddinas to provide all more fun. Read on for details.

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    Buy cheap rs gold to enjoy Solomon’s Summer Sale with 60% off

    Long converted an amazing item in Solomon but shrink from the high cost? Now it is your time to grab some since the summer sale is available throughout the whole week until 23:59 UTC on August 9. During this period, you can get 60% discount when you buy the following items:
    Pack: Nomad, Zaros, Sir Owen, Linza, Arianne, Ozan, Dwarven warsuit, Assassin
    Outfits: KBD, Nex, Elven Warrior, Elven Mage, Elven Ranger, Skyguard, Blessed Sentinel, Drakewing, Deathless Regent
    Pet: Inari, Dawn, Dusk, Prototype Colossus, Warborn Behemoth, Blazehound, Skypouncer
    Enjoy it and mark the date on August 10 when RSorder 500M RS3 & 100M RS07 Gold & 4 Fire Capes Giveaway begins to ensure that you can get some for your game enjoyment!

    Decide how your POH looks with 4 different elements provided

    Previously, Jagex has made some improvements on POH to bring “call servant” option at that time when the popular music cape is hitting the shelves. As things proceed, you can now get more improvements to make your own house functional.
    Firstly, 4 different elements are provided as below with different options to pick from and decide how your house looks:
    House structure: basic wood, basic stone, whitewashed stone, fremennik-style wood, tropical wood, fancy stone, dark stone
    Grounds: rough grass, mown grass, desert, barren earth, tundra
    Dungeon: rough stone, smooth stone, desert, mountain mine, tropical cave, stone blocks
    Lighting: day, dusk, night
    Secondly, the loading times are improved when leaving or re-entering in the same session, while building mode is allowed being toggled by right-clicking exit portal.

    Prifddinas Max Guild changes as rewards from Morvran’s challenges

    Prifddinas have received a bunch of updates, among which, permanent dark crystals and Max Guild portal changes as rewards from Morvran’s challenge are particular highlights. Check the following list to get what special challenges will be provide.
    Morvran’s special challenge:
    1. Unlock permanent black crystals
    2. Earn a free MGP retune for completing challenge
    3. Spend slayer points to guarantee challenge once per week
    4. Instanced KBD/KQ now count towards challenge
    5. Can now be cancelled correctly
    6. Slayer challenges can be cancelled in rewards interface

    On top of above, there are more other updates that need your exploration. Just hop into the game to find what are provided in this updates. Before it, don’t forget to buy cheap rs 3 gold on RSorder for help, and give RSorder Facebook a visit as it will show your more discount for cheap gold and other rs items. Enjoy it!


    Hot rs 3 equipment and weapons you may like:

    Bandos Chestplate and Bandos Tassets
    Armadyl battlestaff
    Pernix boots
    Pernix gloves
    Steadfast boots
    Torva gloves
    Virtus wand
    Virtus boots
    Virtus gloves
    Armadyl godsword
    Saradomin godsword
    Fighter torso and abyssal whip
    Drygore longsword
    Dragonstone helm


    Various rs 3 quest:

    A Fairy Tale Part III – Battle at Orks Rift
    Branches of Darkmeyer, The
    Birthright of the Dwarves
    Broken Home
    Clockwork Syringe, A
    Desert Treasure
    Darkness of Hallowvale
    Do No Evil
    Dishonour among Thieves
    Fate of the Gods
    Mighty Fall, the
    Nomad’s Requiem
    Plague’s End
    Recipe for disaster
    Ritual of the Mahjarrat


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