Buy Cheapest runescape gold for Player Power Area and Invention Skill in 2016

Buy Cheapest runescape gold for Player Power Area and Invention Skill in 2016

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  1. Launched in 2001, Runescape exploded in popularity to become one of the most played games on the internet. It’s hard to believe that Runescape will be older than some of its players in 2016. To celebrate the anniversary, Jagex is planning on making 2016 a big year for content. One of the big action is the idea of putting Player Power Area and Invention skill in game. And this makes it very necessary for you to gather rs3 gold for these new update in game. If you also want to make the most of the update, you can buy cheapest RS gold on RSorder. Now, learn more about the new area.

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    Player Power Area will add to Runescape in 2016

    As announced in the Updates of 2016 speech at RuneFest, Runescape team have started taking player’s ideas for the Player Power Area. The new area is currently scheduled for Summer 2016.
    Jagex want Runescape players to image what they want to add in game or what task or quest they want in game. They want players to determine the main activities that take place in this area. And then, they will open up RuneLabs for all other suggestions – everything from NPC backstories to examine text on rocks. Chances are that you will have a unique land to have fun in game. Hurry up to buy cheapest RS gold to prepare for the new area.

    Invention skill will be available in January 2016

    The coming January will bring the game with the invention skill – the first in a line of ‘elite skills’. With the help of this skill, players have new ways to level up your character. Using invention, players will be able to dismantle equipment in order to use the components to upgrade their other gear. Players also able to use the Invention skill to create new items in game to help them in game. Further into the year marks the launch of Runescape’s newest client, bringing better performance and higher graphical fidelity. If you want to make the most of the Invention skill, you should buy cheapest RS gold on RSorder to help you.

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