Buy cheap Blade and Soul Gold to Challenge All New Content in Beluga Lagoon

Buy cheap Blade and Soul Gold to Challenge All New Content in Beluga Lagoon

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  1. Beluga Lagoon update has been released in Blade and Soul! It brings a new 6v6 battleground, Legendary weapons and Soul Shields, and changes for Daily Challenge. Do you itch for a try? Buy Blade & Soul Gold cheap and fast to start the adventure now!

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    Meet 6v6 battles for rich fishing season & peaceful seas

    It is well known that Blade & Soul Update 2.7 features a new 6v6 battleground which commemorates the legendary horned White Whale. In the tournament, two teams of six players will battle it out. The first team to place horns on all three of their statues gains the White Whale’s favor and wins the round. White Whale horn has the power to calm the seas and bring forth a bountiful fishing season. Do you want to win in 6v6 battles? Stock up enough cheapest blade & soul gold to meet the challenge!

    New Legendary weapons, 6 Daily quests & Season 6 coming with Update 2.7

    With the Beluga Lagoon update, the other exciting news is coming as well:
    1. New Legendary weapons and Soul Shields are available for players to increase their martial prowess.
    2. The pet hunger system is removed, and dozens of items Account Bound are introduced, so players can easily send them among your own characters.
    3. The number of quests for Daily Challenge has been increased to 6! Only 4 are mandatory, so you need to choose whatever you like from the 6.
    4. 1v1 Season 6 is now live and will run for 6 weeks from October 26 through December 7.

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