Buy darkscape gold on RSorder and Learn How to Level up Slayer Fast in Darkscape

Buy darkscape gold on RSorder and Learn How to Level up Slayer Fast in Darkscape

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  1. If you are loyalty player of Darkscape, you may delighted to see that some new changes are added to Darkscape, such as Grand Exchange and teleport restrictions. The good news is that cheap darkscape gold on RSorder can help you make full use of these new changes in Darkscape. Don’t forget to train our Slayer to ensure you can gain more DS gold in the game. Here are our tips on how to level up Slayer fast in Darkscape.

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    Increase your efficiency with better gear

    If you have better, you can gain EXP faster. It is wise for you to invest some money to get some useful gears, such as obsidian cape, berserker’s ring and even a warrior’s ring. It is wise for you to use more minimal gear in higher threat zones, for instance, rune can be a wise choice, maybe an amulet of strength then your weapon and the obsidian cape. If you are in need of DS gold in game to get useful weapons, you can always buy Darkscape gold cheap on RSorder.

    Go for the highest level slayer master

    If you want to level up your Slayer fast, you should go for the highest level slayer master you can, depending on your combat level. You are able to choose between two tasks if you get slayer VIP tickets. You get them from cabbage facepunch or the thaler shop. Don’t forget the death tasks. 15k xp for 15-20 minutes work, depending on what boss you get. Hurry up to buy Darkscape gold cheap on RSorder to help you level up your Slayer.

    Just keep on slaying in game

    You can doing your daily Death Task helps a bunch, you can do the cabbage facepunch bonzana minigame for double slayer experience, but the most important thing you should do is to keep on slaying. Yes, it’s a slow skill, but it’s a lot of fun as you’ll see more and more loot pile up in your bank and eventually will make you very rich, very fast.

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