​Buy gold for runescape on RSorder for RS07 Max Cape and Deadman Mode & Halloween Event

​Buy gold for runescape on RSorder for RS07 Max Cape and Deadman Mode & Halloween Event

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  1. October is special for Old School team and the players. Apart from the Abyssal Sire that released on October 1, Jagex will release RS07 Max Cape to Old School in this Thursday. Later in this month, Old School team will release Deadman Mode and Halloween event. Definitely, these updates will put pressure to players’ bank. Do you have enoughrs 2007 gold to welcome the new updates in this month? Luckily, RSorder has plenty of cheap Runescape 2007 gold for sale.

    Deadman Mode will release on October 29

    The official news confirmed that Deadman Mode will come to Old School on October 29. At that time, all members can kill other players and make a fortune by playing Deadman Mode in Old School Runescape. As a Deadman you will be constantly at risk, and it can be costly if killed by others. Luckily, you can always gather cheap 2007 Runescape gold from RSorder to make fully preparation to the new game mode.

    RS07 max cape will be available this Thursday

    Old School team are planning to release the max cape in Old school on this Thursday. As we all known, it is not that easy to obtain an Old School max cape. The max cape will be available to players with level 99 in all skills. Alternatively, you can pay 2,277,000 coins to buy one. Old school max cape will come soon, take time to gather enough Runescape 2007 gold to ensure you can get one. RSorder can be one of the best sites for you to buy cheap RS 07 gold.

    Prepare 2007 Runescape gold for Halloween event

    October won’t be complete without the Old school Halloween event. You see, it is worthwhile joining in the Old school Halloween event 2015. After finish the Anti-Santa saving task, you will able to get series rewards, including the rewards of previous years. If you are in lack of RS 2007 gold right now, you can always buy cheap Runescape 2007 gold from RSorder.

    October brings a lot new contents to Old School, however, you should always make sure to have enough RS 2007 gold in your bank to make the most of these updates. If you are in need of RS 07 gold, you can always visit RSorder to buy some. The good news is that up to $10 Off activity will hit the shelves of the RSorder, and you can save a lot by joining in the activity. Besides, more activities will be available on RSorder later in this month to meet your needs.

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