CSGO items for sale:New Audio Option & Public Lobbies Go Live in CS:GO on Dec 7

CSGO items for sale:New Audio Option & Public Lobbies Go Live in CS:GO on Dec 7

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  1. Counter Strike: Global Offensiv has introduced a new audio feature with HRTF Configuration and a “Public Lobbies” tab in the game. Do you want to test them out? Go ahead to Nuke with csgo items to do it.

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    New audio option with HRTF configuration

    A new audio option has been added to improve positional audio in CS:GO. Along with that, this game enables Head-Related Transfer Function (HRTF) processing on in-game sounds in order to improve 360-degree vertical and horizontal sound positioning.

    Besides, the default Speaker Configuration in Audio Settings has been set to “Headphones with HRTF.” If you want to turn HRTF off, you can select any other speaker configuration.

    To get an optimal experience with HRTF, you had better turn off all external 5.1 or 7.1 surround audio driver options.

    The “Public Lobbies” tab is for Steam Group lobbies

    Now, the “Steam Groups” lobbies have been labeled “Public Lobbies” in the friends panel. The tab can be able to show nearby public lobbies and suggested steam group lobbies. If you’d like to broadcast your lobby to nearby players, you can adjust permissions in your Play With Friends lobby. Besides, Steam Group lobbies now display the country associated with the majority of lobby members.

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