1. catsIf you haven’t heard of a cat having a stroke, count your blessings. It can be a scary experience for both you and your cat and can lead to further complications if not taken care of immediately. When your cat has a stroke, it means that the normal blood supply that flows to your cat’s brain has somehow reduced. This is treatable and your cat can bounce back if you act quickly.

    Symptoms of a Stroke in Cats

    Your cat will go limp on part of the body if they have had a stroke. Your cat might have trouble walking or sound dazed and confused when meowing for you. Your cat will also likely be disoriented, which means they might have fallen behind something, so there could also have been an injury in the process. Have your cat taken to the vet immediately and recall everything you observed in your cats demeanor to ensure an accurate diagnosis, as there could be other causes to these behaviors as well.

    Recovering from a Stroke

    Unlike humans, a stroke is treatable in cats. They can bounce back almost like it never happened. Steroid treatment and other medications might be on your list of things to give your cat if they have had a stroke. You might want to watch your cat for the first few days to make sure that they are not hobbling into something that will get them injured.

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