Changes to DLC & TP Products and F2P Transition in Tree of Savior

Changes to DLC & TP Products and F2P Transition in Tree of Savior

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    DLC & TP products will not be available to purchase since May 9.

    All DLC products on sale will go down on May 9. Steam has been requested to take down those products on that date. Thus the products will be unavailable to purchase then and after. Also three kinds of TP bundles will be available, including 100TP, 300TP, 500TP. They are region specific soon after the game’s open release. Players will not use a different region’s TP bundle on another regional server.

    A new server called Varena will be opened.

    Since there is an overload of players on Telsiai, a new server named Varena will be opened on the day when the game as free-to-play is released. New SEA players will be able to start only on this server. Players who have started playing on it before the game’s F2P release will temporarily become exclusive to access to Telsiai, namely those who purchased at least one of the DLC products. This is only applied to Telsiai and not any other servers.

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