Changes to The Live Maze Engine on Neverwinter Xbox One

Changes to The Live Maze Engine on Neverwinter Xbox One

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  1. Xbox One Neverwinter players looking to get in on The Maze Engine expansion will be delighted to know that Cryptic Studios has released the update for the console platform. This is the ninth expansion to Neverwinter and gives players the opportunity to travel alongside Drizzt Do’Urden, Minsc and other famous D&D characters. Do you have enough Neverwinter Astral Diamonds in your bank? If not, Safewow is your first and best choice.

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    A mount system, returning dungeons, and a queue system are introduced.

    Neverwinter’s ninth expansion brings new game play updates. Aside from bringing in all of the Maze Engine-related adventures you could hope for in the Underdark, this update brings a new mount system allowing players control over their choices of conveyance. Besides, there is the return of four leveling dungeons and Castle Never, which has been upgraded into an epic dungeon. All returning dungeons have been upgraded with new content and fresh visuals. They are called The Cloak Tower, The Frozen Heart, Pirate King and Caverns of Karrundax. In addition, an improved queue system is introduced.

    This update brings new enchantments, Underdark rings, and Demonic artifacts.

    1.New enchantments
    Demonic: A regular enchantment for offensive and defensive slots. It gives Power/Crit/Arpen for Off and Life Steal/Deflect/HP for Deff. And it drops exclusively in Castle Never.
    Shadowclad: An armor enchantment. It gives Deflect chance and Damage Resistance upon receiving Damage. Stacks fall off after successfully deflecting an attack. On transcendent it also gives short Invisibility upon deflecting an attack.
    Dread: A new Weapon enchantment. It gives Crit Severity and does Weapon Damage and also reduces Target defense.
    2.Underdark rings
    The Underdark ring collection will be completed with the missing stat-giving rings such as Ring of Sudden Crit and Ring of Stacking Life Steal.
    3.Demonic artifacts
    A new artifact set will be introduced. The artifact drops in Castle Never. The cloak is granted upon campaign completion. And the belt may drop in regular or epic Demogorgon.

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