Choose Gold4fans to buy best rs 2007 gold Enjoy 2017 New Rs life

Choose Gold4fans to buy best rs 2007 gold Enjoy 2017 New Rs life

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  1. RuneScape announced a substantial change in its mode of development, namely the introduction of expansions, a series of major expansions of the game world that will bring important content at no additional cost. As of June 2017, every three months, an expansion of RuneScape constituting a new area or region (ie a pan Therefore the map) will be implemented in a single day. Each new area will offer players some fantastic content, which will focus on the discovery and exploration.

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    The first expansion of RuneScape will open doors of the Golden City Ménaphos, hidden from the eyes of players during the last 10 years. In this expansion, players will have the opportunity to explore the city for the first time. Ménaphos is a huge city tank to open sand, the many hanging gardens, fountains and buildings adorned with gold. A huge pyramid, a mastaba specifically, overlooking the city. The people of Ménaphos are extremely rich, but see newcomers with suspicion. But this arrogance simply hides their fear. Their leader, their Pharaoh is only a puppet in the hands of Amascut, the devourer of souls, and it imposes cruel queries … to be continued in June, 2017.

    “Like most of our content, the concept of RuneScape expansions was suggested to us by our players. They made us understand that they were really interested in the most important updates that constitute significant additions to the game. D ‘ other games offer these expansions once a year or less, but RuneScape has always done things differently, says David Osborne, chief designer of RuneScape. with these expansions of RuneScape, our players will have more opportunities to go exploring . Each of these expansions will be as imposing as the lost City of the 2014 elves, and will be implemented in a day, at 4 times a year. This will somehow Christmas every three months, starting in June 2017, when the city of Ménaphos finally open its doors. “

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