Choose safewow to buy cheap ffxv gil for game upcoming later

Choose safewow to buy cheap ffxv gil for game upcoming later

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  1. I found a new leak!! It’s from a Japanese board and he claims to be a friend of CG artist working on FFXV.

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    Ardyn is a messenger of Chaos who was to sent to Eos so that he could prepare for the revival of Chaos. Chaos is the one who is controlling the Plague of the Stars and wants to destroy Eos the Goddess for imprisoning him. The plague of the stars is to destroy the light of Eos (goddess) which is the stars themselves, but the stars are protected by the Archeans with Eos (planet) being the core of the light of Eos.

    Ardyn uses the anger and hate growing within Ravus to prepare him to be a vessel to resurrect Chaos. But before that, Ravus whose anger is only going stronger fights Noctis, but loses and snaps out of Ardyns control. Realizing what he had become, to protect Luna and redeem himself for his mistakes he agrees to help Noctis to defeat Ardyn. Ravus returns to Ardyn in an attempt to kill him, but it backfires, allowing Ardyn to regain control over Ravus making him stronger than before.

    In order for Chaos to destroy the light of Eos (plague of the stars), Ardyn helps Noctis to gain the trust of every Archeans so that Noctis can bring all the Archeans to Chaos, so that he can either control/kill them in a single strike. Noctis who assumes it’s his destiny pacts with every Archean, but Chaos uses this to his own advantage.Gentiana is the messenger of Eos, who helps the Oracles to ascension, assisting in keeping the balance of the light of Eos.

    Glauca is revealed to be Cor who is Drautos estranged brother. Cor after finding out that Drautos was Glauca, who killed Regis, took on his helm to infiltrate Niflheim. Giving Noctis crucial information about Niflheim activities. Glauca (as Cor) then appears to Noctis, telling him that he killed Regis and Clarus, forcing a fight between them. At first Noctis is too weak to defeat Glauca, but after through numerous confrontations, Noctis kills him. As to why Cor pretended to be Glauca is so that he could train Noctis to become stronger by posing as a stronger threat. And also that Cor felt guilty that he could not help his brother overcome his hate towards Lucis and not being able to protect his King as a result. This was a punishment to himself for his failure.

    Cor tells Noctis everything before he dies, telling him that Ardyn had all the answers.

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