​Chronic Sinus Headaches

​Chronic Sinus Headaches

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  1. Headaches are one of the most common symptoms of chronic sinusitis pain that generally lasts for a few weeks at the least. In most cases the pain is so severe that the patient is unable to carry on with the daily chores of his life. The patients also don’t get any relief from the pain by using the over the counter medications. Usually a chronic sinus patient recognizes the pain (especially if he has been dealing with it since a few years as sinus is a long term ailment) and consults a physician immediately so that the pain can be reduced. If you are also a patient of this disease and you often wonder how to get rid of sinus headache in the most efficient manner then do keep reading on.

    Is recognizing sinus headache symptoms useful?

    If you have been a patient of chronic sinusitis since a long time then you must have an idea about the symptoms of sinus headache. But if you have been diagnosed with this disease recently and are learning about it by reading through various sources then do have a look at key symptoms of sinus headache.

    1. Sinus headache would occur suddenly and the pain would be so intense that you would not be able to concentrate on any other task.

    2. Your headache would be accompanied by pain in other areas of your face especially the nose, ears and eyes.

    3. Fever can be a strong proof of the pain being due to sinus.

    4. If your pain increases with movement in your body then this too is a sure sign that you are dealing with sinus.

    After you have mastered in recognising these symptoms, you would have a better chance at treating yourself either by using the medications listed by your physician or by going to a health centre yourself.

    What is the best medicine for sinus headache?

    Unfortunately there is no single medication for a sinus pressure headache. Most of the physicians would prescribe an antibiotic or an antihistamine or a combination of these. If you have been feeling a lot of inflammation along with the headache then it would be wise to ask for pain relievers from the physician as no good physician would deny your request.

    Can you fight sinus headache without medications? Prevention is the key!!

    • Staying in a hydrated atmosphere can help you to stay away from allergens.

    • Staying indoors and properly covering yourself in cold and rainy weather would certainly help you to keep away from the side effects of changing seasons.

    • Keeping your body fit by consuming a correct diet recommended by a physician and exercising regularly can help you fight off the disease.

    • Building a strong immune system by controlling your lifestyle can also help.

    • Getting lot of rest at regular intervals can assist you in keeping your body in a good shape to deal with sinus whenever it hits.

    It is hoped that you would benefit from all the above mentioned suggestions and save yourself from sinus headache pain in the future.




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