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Cliche Killer

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  1. After the first year in a relationship most women feel they have reached a milestone. You have just spent an entire year getting to know and developing a bond with this individual, while a couple who has spent 30 years together would say you don’t know each other at all. You have probably spoke those three special little words and/or became intimate with one another at some point. You may even be married or headed in that direction. That being said, take into account what you have learned about your man over the past year as well as take into account what you know about yourself. For your first year milestone, or Anniversary as some would say, are you selfless enough to be able to spend the day that is supposed to be special to you both just to focus on him? Are you going into the day with high expectations of what he will do for you? When you think about that day how are you picturing it?

    “I wonder what surprise he has in store! Will he send flowers? Will we go to that nice restaurant we saw on Main street? Will he propose? What will I wear? I do have that green dress he really likes on me? I will wear that for him and that will make him happy. “

    Really? I certainly hope this is not your train of thought. Most likely it is his though. He isn’t thinking about what you will do for him. He is worried that what he does for you will not live up to your expectations. 

    How genuine is your heart for this person? Why not take his anxiety about the evening and give him a gift that will in turn keep on giving back? Put your focus on him. Step out of the box and show him how much you value his presence in your life. If you can truly focus on giving instead of receiving, this task will be easy.

    Think about his absolute favorite activity. Physical gifts are for old married couples. On this day, make it a memorable one for him. If he loves a particular sport or band and you both know that you do not, the best gift is to find a jersey/T-shirt in his size and greet him by wearing the jersey/T-shirt while holding a pair of event tickets. If you really want to impress him and be selfless, give him the choice of taking you or his best buddy. After all, it is a gift, or is it?

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