​​Combination Skin Care Tips

​​Combination Skin Care Tips

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  1. A combination skin is where some parts of your face are oily while others are dry. The oily parts are referred to as the T-zone and they include the chin, nose and forehead while the dry parts include under the eyes and cheeks. Combination skin may also mean wrinkles and breakouts appearing at the same time. A combination skin mostly occurs because of genetics and in some rare cases, it is caused by the type of products that one uses on their face.

    Below are tips on how to care for a combination skin.
    Start washing your face with a gentle cleanser
    In order to prevent your face from dryness and irritation, always wash your face using a gentle water-soluble cleanser. If you have dry and oily combinations use a mild foaming cleanser or a gel-based cleanser. If you have a rosacea and dry skin, a lightweight lotion cleanser is recommended. A good cleanser does not contain any fragrance or irritants.

    Protect your skin from sun damage
    Whether you have an oily skin or a dry skin or a combination skin, you must protect your skin from sun damage by the use of sunscreen. Sunscreen uses a skincare tip that ensures your skin is protected all year-round and it prevents wrinkle from forming as well as other signs of aging skin. If you have oily skin that is prone to breakouts, pressed powder and foundation can offer you the protection that you require. If you have rosacea and sensitive skin, choose sunscreens with zinc oxide and/or titanium dioxide as the active ingredients.

    Avoid irritating toners
    Most toners contain menthol, witch hazel fragrance and alcohol. All these are harmful to a combination skin and they should be avoided. Select a toner that contains natural ingredients which will aid in restoring your pH after cleansing the face while ensuring that your skin is nourished as well.

    Spot-treat the different areas on your face
    To all the dry areas, apply a cream or lotion form moisturizers. If you have an oily and dry skin, start applying a hydrating premier or serum to the dry areas first. A matte finish foundation will be perfect for the oily parts.

    Take the driest part of your face, for example, the eye area; apply a serum or rich creamy moisturizer in the eye area. In the less-dry areas, apply a lotion textured moisturizer. For the oily parts of your face, your toner is adequate to retain your skin in good status and healthy. 

    Always ensure that the oily parts are treated in a way to make them drier as making them greasier will cause them to develop acne. It is advised that you avoid applying cream moisturizers and lotion on these oily parts.

    Eliminate built-up skin cells
    By removing the built-up skin cells, you uncover the normal and healthy skin that is hiding underneath. In order to do these, use products that contain beta hydroxyl acid (BHA) or Alpha hydroxyl acid (AHA) in the texture that is suitable for your skin. For a dry or normal skin use lotion and for an oily blemish-prone skin, use a liquid or gel.

    BHA is more helpful in a blemish-prone skin or a normal oily skin as it aids in the following:
    •    It exfoliates the skin surface.
    •    It exfoliates pores in the inside and these aids in reducing the pore size and unclogging the pore as well.
    •    Kills the acne-causing bacteria. 

    BHA is recommendable for everyone that is struggling with enlarged pores and blackheads.

    Select the best products 
    Purchase products that have the function and structure of a healthy skin. These products will be loaded with cell-communicating ingredients, antioxidants and emollients.

    Ensure that your products are packaged in airtight and opaque containers. This ensures that the air-sensitive ingredients and antioxidants remain bacteria free and stable.

    Nourishing mask
    A natural facemask is recommended at least once every week. This is a skin care tip that will help in freshening up your complexion while giving a soothing treatment to your face. Natural masks are made by combining oils and fruits. They make a great paste that you apply on your face. Below is an example a natural facemask.

    Blend half a papaya, a banana, one cup of honey and two carrots. Mix all these ingredients until it forms a thick paste. Apply the paste on the face and leave it there for twenty minutes. After this time, rinse the paste off in lukewarm water.

    A great look on your face will brighten your look as well as make you confident. That great look is all in your hands by the way you look after your skin. There is always a solution for every skin type, whether oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin or a combination skin. With the above tips, you can have the best skin in your life.

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