Come to buy cheap rs3 gold and enjoy Two Weeks of Free Ironman Membership In RS 3

Come to buy cheap rs3 gold and enjoy Two Weeks of Free Ironman Membership In RS 3

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  1. If you took advantage of last week’s Ironman birthday celebration offer, you should receive your 2 weeks of free membership today. It’s a good chance for you to start your Ironman journey. Let’s learn more details about it together.

    Welcome to buy cheap runescape 3 gold with paypal no confirmation (No Phone/No Email/No Personal Info aksed) from now!

    You will get one of two cosmetic armour overrides if you sign up Ironman mode

    For anyone new to Ironman mode or just curious about playing RuneScape in a more challenging way. There is a handy reference page with all you need to know about it. Also a reminder that if you sign up to Ironman or Hardcore Ironman at any point or simply have an account, you will get one of two cosmetic armour overrides. They show off your presigious Ironman status, but will vanish from your account should you quit Ironman or die in Hardcore mode!

    Feel free to log out your Ironman account every half hour or so

    You don’t have to keep your Ironman account logging in and out. Free Ironman membership will be automatically credited, feel free to log out every half hour or so and see if it’s there. However, there is one point to be noted that the promo was specifically for creating and logging in to an ironman on RS 3.

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    There are so many new contents in RS 3. We believe that the two weeks of free Ironman membership will give you some different experience. May you have a good time in your Ironman journey. And it’s wise for you to buy cheap RS gold on RS3gold in a timely manner.

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