1. Declaration of Purpose and Principles

    For many decades, there has been widespread discontent with our American system of electing the President.  Presently, electors from each State (and the District of Columbia) meet in their own states on the first Monday after the second Wednesday in December to cast their votes, thus beginning a long series of events culminating in the inauguration of the President. There is no general meeting of an Electoral College as such.

    In particular, the grievances pronounced by the American public include:

        1. The process does not adequately reflect the popular vote.

        2. The winner-take-all approach for State delegates is not in accordance with modern
    conceptions about presidential elections. For example, in many presidential State primaries,
    votes are awarded on a proportional basis, resulting in high turnouts and intense campaigning.

        3. Electoral strategies and campaigns are based on so-called swing States, whose electors may go either democratic or republican in a given election. The rest of the nation – sometimes as much as 80% of its population – are virtual bystanders in the campaign action.

    Therefore it is proposed that the electoral system adopt proportional voting in each and every State delegation (and DC) casting votes for the President.

    In such a system, every vote cast in every State will have significance. At the same time, the State-based system of electoral voting shall be maintained. This insures the continuance of the indispensable role of the States in the unique American experiment of Liberty that incorporates the fundamental principle of checks and balances throughout our governmental system.

    No Constitutional amendment is required for this change, since by Article II, Section I of the U.S. Constitution, States are given exclusive power to determine how Presidential electors are chosen. For the Proportional Plan to go into effect, every State Legislature must vote a common proposal.

    For example:

    "Be it moved that in the State of  (name), electoral votes for President shall be apportioned to candidates based on the percentage of the public vote attained by each. Each State shall determine how that tally is made and to what level and extent electors may be awarded to third party candidates."
    *If you agree to this simple Proportional Plan to reform the Electoral College, please click on the Comment link and within the comment state your name and State.  It is our form of signing a petition here.  Then spread the word!
    *If you are interested in being a State Captain, a leader in your State, please state that in the comment itself.

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