Dayzee Pusher Cocktail

Dayzee Pusher Cocktail

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  1.  Although I am a writer by trade, have a love of proper English and usually disdain the purposeful bastardization of the language—particularly by those who deliberately misspell common words (I despise those illiterate kitty posts I see on Facebook every day)—I made the name of this drink something of a tribute to Hip Hop “artists” (the parentheses indicate sarcasm in this instance, as I don’t really consider any rapper an artist even remotely) because there is already a drink called the Daisy Pusher that has little in common with this cocktail other than the name and the fact that it’s very strong.


     The name may imply that this drink will lead ultimately to your demise; if you have two or more of them in a few minutes, it just might, but otherwise it’s only apt to get you good and drunk if you have more than a couple in a night.  For those unwise enough to overindulge with this cocktail, expect to wind up in some unflattering and compromising position before the night is over—and rest assured that one or more of your friends armed with camera phones will plaster your embarrassment all over the Internet before you can even enjoy your hangover.

    You’ve been warned.


     Due to the sweetness and fruitiness of this drink, it goes down almost like a punch, so be careful.  If you have a friend in need of public humiliation, feed him four of these without informing him of the alcohol content—and keep your camera handy!

    Here’s what you do

    • Fill a hurricane glass with cube ice and add:
    • 1 oz. Gordon’s sapphire gin
    • 1 oz. light rum
    • 1 oz. vodka
    • 1/2 oz. Bacardi 151
    • Fill half the remaining space with sour mix
    • Fill the other half with pineapple juice
    • Top with 1/2 oz. maraschino liqueur
    • Garnish with a cherry, a slice of orange, pineapple chunks on a skewer or any tropical fruit, like kiwi

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