De-clutter yourself for the New Year!

De-clutter yourself for the New Year!

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  1. Since I had no major plans for the holidays & my family is local, I decided it would be a nice quiet time to catch up and organize paper files, storage in cabinets and various other items that I had accumulated and hadn’t looked through in a while.

    As I was getting dressed one day, the zipper on my boots broke. These were awesome boots. Despite their awesomeness, I marveled at how long I had had them and perhaps it wasn’t worth replacing the zipper –  it was time to say goodbye.

    Now although it is my business to help people get rid of clothing that does not serve them, I will admit that there are items that I am sometimes on the fence about.


    What I usually do is take them for a test run on a day that I know I am not seeing anybody.

    If at the end of the day, I felt fine – then it goes.
    If at the end of the day, it still feels fabulous – then it stays.

    Sometimes it is about wearing the older item with an updated accessory, Then it can become fabulous and then it stays.

    Another trick I use in deciding if the item should stay or go is to picture if I could see it hanging currently in a store that I like the clothing in and feel that the clothing is my style. This can not be a department store that carries many styles of clothing, it must be a boutique store with a specific style of clothing. (It can be one brand or many brands, if the many brands fit the same type of customer.) If I don’t see the item currently hanging in the store – then it goes.

    So, back to the cleaning and de-cluttering. What had started out as a mission to de-clutter papers, books and shelves, because of the broken boots, inspired me to look deeper into my closet. Now I will say, as this is my business, that I do a great job of getting rid of things on a regular basis. It is easier to decide if you like a sweater or pants, but I delved into my tank drawer, sleepwear and scarves to uncover items that were no longer fabulous.

    As I often hear from my clients, “a little cleaning in one area can inspire you to get organized and de-cluttered in other areas”. What a great way to start the new year! Wow, the benefits of a closet (desk & shelf) rejuvenation!

    Where to donate?

    Career clothing – The Bottomless Closet – donations help underprivileged women dress for job interviews

    Other clothing – The Fashion foundation – Non-profit, helps buy school supplies for children

    What about items that are stained, soiled or justun-wearable?
    Did you know that you can donate to H&M orUniqglo for recycling?


    Happy (organized) New Year!

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