Dec. 8 Heroic Missions Issue & Swtor Update 5.0.1 Coming with swtor credits free Promo

Dec. 8 Heroic Missions Issue & Swtor Update 5.0.1 Coming with swtor credits free Promo

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  1. While the topic that Galactic Command would make grinding rampant and rewards dull spreads in swtor, issues about Heroic Missions and Disintegration are coming one after another. Next week, Bioware will have a Producer Livestream to address the known issues in Heroic Missions and swtor update 5.0.1.

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    Swtor Producer Livestream is coming on Dec 8

    On December 8 at 11PM PST, Boiware will host a Producer Livestream to discuss the hot topics in Swtor, including Galactic Command, the KOTET Story, Heroic Missions known issue and others in Swtor Update 5.0.1.

    Heroic Missions are now repeatable rather than weekly

    Many swtor players may have noticed that Heroic Missions are now repeatable, instead of having a weekly lockout. It is confirmed that this is a bug and will be fixed with 5.0.1 on Dec 8.
    Fortunately, this bug is not regarded as an exploit in the game. So you can fully enjoy the excess Heroics.

    The stack size in the “Disintegration” pop up is higher than the original amount

    Except for Heroic Missions known issue, the stack size in the “Disintegration” pop up is set higher than the amount you had available. For ezample, if you had 10 Jawa Junk available, and entered 1000 in the pop up. So far, the issue has been fully resolved.
    Differently from Heroic Missions issue, having taken advantage of this bug is regarded as an exploit, and the official will take actions as needed. But if you just disintegrated the whole stack you have, but didn’t use a higher number than you had available, it didn’t count as an exploit.

    It is likely that the upcoming Producer Livestream will make the above issue clarified, including the dispute about Swtor Galactic Command. Stay tuned! If you are enjoying Swtor new expansion KOTET, you can buy swtor gold cheap, or free swtor credits, on our site.
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