Decorating Your Perfect Bedroom

Decorating Your Perfect Bedroom

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  1. Your bedroom should be a reflection of your personality. The more your bedroom says about you, the more comfortable you will be in it. Since you spend a substantial amount of time in your day in your bedroom, even if your eyes are closed, you want it to be a place comfortable enough to encourage relaxation. Several strategies can help you decorate the perfect bedroom.


    Start with your bedding when you are decorating your perfect bedroom. The colors in your bedding can serve as inspiration for the rest of the room’s decor. The options for bedding are limitless. You can choose a solid-colored bedspread and accent it with colorful, patterned pillows. Or, add some brightness to your bedroom by selecting a patterned bedspread with matching accent pillows. If you like the modern look, grab an all-white or slate gray bedspread. The bed is the focal point of every bedroom, so the its look will set the tone for your room’s decor, helping you to create that perfect bedroom.


    Design the perfect bedroom by choosing a wall color that matches your tastes — and your bedding. Consider your decorating style when choosing a wall color. You can choose a soft pastel, a bold red, a cheerful yellow or a more neutral gray or taupe. Find a color that complements your bedding. If you have a patterned bedspread, look for one of the more subtle colors of the bedspread, and use that on the walls. A solid-colored bedding opens up your options for paint color; simply choose a color that complements the bed.


    Although the bed is the obvious piece of furniture in your room, other accent pieces can help you create that perfectly decorated bedroom. Look for unique pieces that express your tastes and personality. You don’t have to choose a matching bedroom set to make your room perfect. Instead, mix and match pieces for some originality. Place a comfortable chair in the corner, where you can relax and watch TV or read. Place a table on one or both sides of the bed for function as well as decor.


    Home accents can go a long way in making your bedroom’s decor perfect. Choose accents that have meaning. If you’re an avid reader, set up a bookshelf in your bedroom featuring your favorite books. Place candles, vases with real or faux flowers or framed pictures of family and friends around the room. Add some wall art for added interest. Personal photos, a painting of a landscape that you love or canvases covered in funky fabrics can add an artistic touch to your bedroom walls.

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