Dental Health Insurance

Dental Health Insurance

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  1. Everyone knows how important medical insurance is, whether they have it or they don’t, but most people don’t know how important it is to have dental insurance as well.  You may think that your teeth are fine now, but without proper preventative care, when you do end up having problems, not only will it cost a lot more, but you will be resposible for the entire bill.

    Many group insurance plans that are supplied by employers do have a dental option for an additional fee. This will cover not only yourself, but spouses and children that are under your plan. Though just going in for cleanings every six months is not that expensive, it still is cheeper when all you are paying is a co-pay, plus once something needs to be done like cavity filling, teeth pulling or root canals, the price can be quite prohibitive for the average person.

    You can also look into individual insurance providers. They have many different types of plans. Depending on your dental needs and the work you think you may need in the future, you can look at what is provided and choose the plan that is most affordable that will do the most for you.  Keep in mind that just like in medicine, there are many procedures that insurance providers consider elective and will not cover.  These are usually things like veneers or teeth whitening that although look good, don’t provide a direct benefit to the overall health of your teeth.

    Just like medical insurance, dental insurance comes in HMO and PPO.  With an HMO, you will have one designated primary care dentist; If specialist work is required, you will need to see your primary in order for him (or her) to refer you.  A PPO usually has more flexibility, but can also cost more; you can see anyone is your network, but you will be paying a reduced cost rather than a co-pay.

    Though a lot of preventative care in medicine is not covered by insurance, in the dentistry, it usually is. Means that you will be paying less to care for your teeth and perhaps insure that you won’t need a more expensive treatment. Of course no one likes to go to the dentist more often, but isn’t it better to go in more often to get your teeth scraped than to go in less often and have them drilled? 

    Now when you hear the word insurance, you automatically think of big money and huge monthly expenses. However, compared to medical insurance, dental insurance is rather cheep. Many policies are les than a quarter of what you would pay for heath care. Of course, amounts will change do to age and risk factors just like any other type of insurance.

    Peace of mind is always a good thing to have. Wouldn’t it be nice to know that if you have a problem with your teeth that you won’t have to worry about the cost of it? This is not just for you, but also the peace of mind that if your child is suffering from a tooth ache, they won’t have to be in pain because you’re covered if they need to get it fixed. Of all the different types of insurance out there, this will hurt your pocket book a lot less than most.  Who knew the dentist could cause less pain?

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