Disc Brake Supplier is antaibrake

Disc Brake Supplier is antaibrake

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  1. Is it Rims or Wheels?

    Wheels are made of a  hub  Ceramic Brake Pad , spokes, and a rim. Many people will call a wheel a rim. However, the rim is just one of the components of a wheel.

    The hub attaches the wheel to the car, while the spokes run from the hub to the rim. The rim is actually the outer part of the wheel where the tire is held.

    There are different types of wheels and we will touch base on the different offerings below.

    One-Piece Wheels

    The one piece cast aluminum wheel is the most common wheel found on the market. These are made by molten aluminum being poured into a mold to form the entire wheel; including the hub, spokes, and rim.

    Gravity casting is a popular form of wheel manufacturing which uses gravity to fill the mold. These wheels are usually a bit heavier to ensure they are strong enough for daily use.

    Low pressure casting is usually a bit more expensive than gravity casting and is the most common form of one piece wheel manufacturing.

    With low pressure casting positive pressure is used to move the molten aluminum faster thus creating a much more dense cast wheel.

    High pressure can also be used however it is more expensive.

    With a high pressure cast you get a much lighter and stronger wheel compared to low pressure casting.

    Wheel Hardware

    Wheel hardware allows the face of the wheel and lip to come together. The most common types of wheels have wither 32 or 40 bolts that keep the face from falling off the lip.

    These are usually small specialty bolts with a nut in the back that holds the two pieces together.

    Certain wheels have exposed hardware (bolts are seen on the face of the wheel) while others have hidden Semi-metallic Brake Pad hardware (bolts cannot be seen and offers a more modern look).



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