Do you want to play neverwinter PS4 with NW diamonds sale now ?

Do you want to play neverwinter PS4 with NW diamonds sale now ?

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  1. We’re proud to announce the head start for Neverwinter on PlayStation?4 has now begun! It’s been a long time since whispers of our eventual arrival started, so we couldn’t be happier to finally bring the Forgotten Realms to our newest group of adventurers.

    Happy news for neverwinter PS4 will launch on July.19.Time to enjoy safewow cheap neverwinter astral diamonds PC/XBOX/PS4 now.

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    To take part in the head start, purchase the Onyx Head Start pack from the PlayStation? Store for $19.99 – available now! This pack contains items exclusive to PlayStation?4 and will help make your first adventures all the more smooth.

    Fragile Onyx Weapon pack
    20 Enchanted Keys
    Adventurer’s Helper Pack
    Graycloak’s Legacy weapon
    Onyx Horse mount (Green)
    “The Onyx Adorned” title

    All items except the Enchanted Keys and Adventurer’s Helper Pack can be claimed on multiple characters.

    Adventurers who take part in the head start will get in-game a full week ahead of our official launch on July 19 when the game becomes completely free to play. PlayStation?Plus is not required!
    Now is the time to step foot into Neverwinter to partake in what millions of adventurers have already experienced. Take down the likes of evil dragons, corrupt wizards, demon lords and many more entities that would threaten the peace of the Forgotten Realms. It’s your path, your story, your adventure!

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