Done your share of Scuba Fabric

Done your share of Scuba Fabric

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  1. Done your share of Netlix and Chilling and need a project to wipe away the Christmas cobwebs?

    Enter a DIY project that takes less than an hour and gives seriously impressive results – and we can’t get enough of this SS 16 neon bright update to a Khaki jacket, courtesy of Versace.

    If you’re already sick of the dark nights and like Donatella, have your mind set firmly on Summer ’16, grab a paint brush and give that jacket a hawt new look.

    You’ll need

    A jacket to upcycle, we love this Scuba version from Dorothy Perkins. Even better news is, it’s on sale.

    Their colorful cloth backpacks may not have gotten the sharks on ABC’s “Shark Tank” to bite, but Louisville’s Jack DuFour, 25, and his finance Alley Heffern, 26, haven’t let the rejection slow them down.

    As engineering majors at Virginia Tech, DuFour and Heffern signed up for a university sponsored “Engineering Without Borders” project in Uganda.

    Before their 17-hour flight to Africa, they picked up several books to keep them occupied.

    One of the books, “Start Something That Matters,” by Blake Mycoskie – the Founder of Toms Shoes – planted the seed for the couple’s future business.

    Purple, Green and Orange fabric paint

    Red, Black, Purple and large green sequins

    A small amount of Green glitter

    An angled brush- we used an old makeup brush, the sharp tip is perfect for painting neat edges.More information, please visit:

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