​Don Chase her, Let her Do the Chasing Vol. 1

​Don Chase her, Let her Do the Chasing Vol. 1

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  1. Some people still don’t get it, if she does the chasing by herself, it will be better off and you two will end up in a very great Relationship that is fully characterized with the True Love that you seek.

    Today, Young men think that chasing and stalking a girl will make her turn back and Love you for real, I am sorry to reveal that you are making a very huge mistake that might land you in trouble and thus spoiling your day for real.

    If you chase her you can’t get true Love, that is the problem most men engage themselves with this days and always conclude and consummate that true love is dead.

    You are wrong, True Love ain’t dead, you spoilt the show and destroyed the rules of the game.

    When you chase her, she will have the whole power and can control and dominate you to do all her bidding at every point in time which is very dangerous for the growth of your relationship.

    When a girl controls and directs you, you are no longer a man but her fellow woman or you are just like her younger ones.

    Men should be the leader and the girl follows, she is not suppose to tell you where both of you will spend the night, you are the one that will give her orders.

    You don’t know that if she controls and guides you, it will be very easy for her to break your heart, she can easily cheat on you, and when you find out and confront her, she will threaten to leave you. But because she controls you, you will be the one to beg her to stay and even support her to cheat on you more.

    It is so pathetic, deplorable and piteous for a woman to be the controller of a man, a real man will immediately disassociate himself with a girl that is caught cheating, on normal circumstances she is the one that suppose to plead with you to take her back and not the other way round.

    Cheating is a very dangerous act and should not be taken for granted, if anyone is caught cheating, it has killed the morale of the other partner, and it will end and bury the already existing trust established in the relationship.

    On normal circumstances and prior contingency, you are not expected again to text a girl that has ignored your text messages for more than two times, you are chasing her by bombarding her with unreplied texts which is very bad for your relationship.

    Thanks for Reading, hope you have learnt something today.

    Watch Out for Volume 2.

    You really need to read the Volume 2 because it will Reveal to you how to Make her Chase you and the Secrets behind getting a girl to chase you appropriately!

    Sex Instructor and Educationist, Nnadi Goodluck added much piece to this Project Study

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