1. Since the release of the first electric drum kit back in the 1960s, the “electric or acoustic” debate has been raging on. And while modern electric drum kits are incredibly versatile and sound like a dream, the argument that they simply don’t feel like an acoustic kit remains, and is something I agree with. There is nothing quite like going crazy on an acoustic kit, and it just doesn’t feel the same on an electric one. 

    However, electric drum kits have made undeniable inroads into the musical instrument market, with many drummers (including myself) opting to take the leap over to rubber pads and a kit that can fit in a box. All drummers have different reasons for doing so, however the over-arching cause has to be the ease with which one can record directly from the kit onto your chosen recording platform. The quality and sound of modern day electric kits means that you get real-sounding drums as well as an actual drummer playing them, rather than using a pre-recorded drum loop. The authenticity is still there, just with far less effort. Of course, there’s also the benefit of being able to wear headphones while playing. 

    So, while electric drums are good fun and make life a whole easier in terms of recording, transporting and most often price, the thrill of playing a well-tuned acoustic kit simply cannot be matched by the experience one is treated to by an electric kit. At the end of the day, it depends largely on personal preference, budget and whether you need to wear headphones to prevent annoying your family or the neighbors. 

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