ESO New Assistants Price: An Analysis of the Reasonability and Unreasonability

ESO New Assistants Price: An Analysis of the Reasonability and Unreasonability

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  1. As scheduled, the new Banker and the Merchant assistants are available in Elder Scrolls Online Crown Store Today (March 31). However, the high price is still a hot concern. Here safewow will make a brief analysis about the price from its reasonable and unreasonble aspects.

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    To begin with, let’s see the price of two new assistants. The official post announced that “both assistants can be purchased at any level via the in-game Crown Store, and will be priced at 5,000 crowns”. It could be interpreted as 5k crowns are needed for each assistant, but some people confused that this cost might apply to a bundle including both the Assistants. However, even if that is for both, it is still likely to shock many players. Of course, there are also people who think it is reasonable. See how two different groups show the reasonability and unreasonability about this pricing.

    Why the Assistants price is irrational?

    1. Much higher than crown stipend: Basically, it takes you $15 each month to subscribe to the game, and active subscribers will receive the full amount of the cost back as they will get 1,500 Crowns as stipend each month (5,500 Crown bundle is priced at $40). Calculating this way, 5,000 Crowns is more than three months’ worth of stipend for these account.
    2. More expensive than other items: With the banker and merchant shown in Crown Store now, many other new items are also available. However, they are priced more reasonable. For example, the new camel mount is for 1,800 Crowns, while the Pirate Costume Pack that includes three account – wide costumes just costs 700 Crowns. By contrast, the 5k Crown cost for Assistants seems rather high.

    Why it is reasonable for some people?

    1. 50% off crowns: Zenimax gave 50% off crowns for a whole week after the Thieves Guild was released, so it’s like paying $25 per assistant if you bought crowns at that time.
    2. Great convenience: Though higher than many items, and higher than that many people can accept, the price would be appropriate for some who want the great convenience. Being able to dump inventory from almost anywhere is way too good. As for the Merchant, it is not the one that valuable to some people when leveling an alt, but Safewow believes that someone will think it is worth it.

    Is there any opinion resonates with you? All these are all collected based on players’ feedback. Personally, 5,000 Crowns is still too high, but worth if you really need their functions. Thus, just decide it based on your actual need. As for cheapest elder scrolls online gold, it is what safewow always offers online!

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