Eating vegetables

Eating vegetables

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  1. When you like to cook you can add a lot of different combinations to your dishes. There are so many healthy dishes you can make to ensure that you are eating right. 

    Vegetable Combination 

    If you are worried about your kids eating healthy then you can try adding some well seasoned vegetables to your certain food combos. For example if you decide to cook roast you can add some carrots and green beans to this dish and no one would really taste it because of the gravy that you will be putting in. Using potatoes is a great one to use in roast as well. There are so many different combinations you can make and use with vegetables. If you are not concerned about using vegetables then you should try using certain sauces and mixes for your healthy dishes. 

    Mixing sauces and gravy

    When cooking healthy there are times when you may think that the taste is horrible, but you can mix a few things together like sauces or some gravy so that you can have a different taste to your meals. Some sauces may include tomato sauces, brown gravy, and many other mixes. Using different sauces will help your meal taste better and look great every time you serve it.


    In conclusion eating healthy is a great way to start and if you can add and mix certain foods with others then you will make another great meal for you and your family to enjoy. You should always try something new and make sure that it is something that you will all enjoy. 

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