English Mastiff Training Advice

English Mastiff Training Advice

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  1. When you have a large dog, it can be difficult to figure out how to train them properly. This is when you should learn about how to train your English Mastiff. These dogs are easily one of the largest ones that you can own.  Since they are so large without the proper training, it will be impossible to control them when they get larger. Some of the advice to help you in training your English Mastiff will be to start them in a class as soon as they get their shots, ensure that they see you as the pack leader, and even by  looking at the temperament of your dog.


    Starting the classes early is rather important to do. When you start your puppies classes early, it will allow them to start to learn. Much like us, your dogs will learn better when they are younger. However, you can still teach an old dog new tricks and training, it will be a lot longer in the training aspect because of the older age and being more set in their ways.


    A very important step for you to look at will be to ensure the dog knows that you are the boss. When they know this, they will fall in line to what you tell them. Remember even, though, the English Mastiffs have been domesticated for a long period of time, they still are following the pack mentality. So they will easily follow the person who they think is the leader of the pack, which should be you.


    Temperaments can be difficult to figure out at times. However, you need to try to figure out what kind of temperament your dog has. This can be done by testing them, but also by looking at how the dogs react to people or other dogs who come up to them at any point in time.


    Being able to train your dog can be a wonderful thing, but it can be a challenge when your dogs are going to be large. This is when you should know about why you need to train your English Mastiff. However, you may need to have some tips for training your dogs and this can be rather difficult to get at times. Some of the advice in training your Mastiff will be to get them in class as soon as possible, guaranteeing that your dog knows you are the pack leader, and learning the temperament of your dog over time. 

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