Enjoy Jan.18 safewow Free Neverwinter AD and Play Dungeon Keys & Chest Rewards Tables Changes

Enjoy Jan.18 safewow Free Neverwinter AD and Play Dungeon Keys & Chest Rewards Tables Changes

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  1. With player feedback, Neverwinter will introduce some changes to Dungeon keys and chest rewards tables, including new rewards, improved drop rates on rare items, and freed-up inventory space with a new “Useful Items” tab. It would be a step forward in addressing RNG + Loot Quality.

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    New chest rewards & improved drop rates on rare items

    The following changes to Dungeon chest Reward table apply to all endgame PvE queued content, including Epic Dungeons, Skirmishes, and Trials.

    1. The chances of the very rarest rewards, like Artifacts and Legendary Rings, will be increased. This changes may lower the Astral Diamonds value of these items in AH, but it is more important to have a better chance to get them than keeping high AH prices.

    2. There’s a chance to get one of the new dungeon-specific items, including Cambist’s Guantlets, Survivor’s Wraps, Deepknight’s Brigandine and Psion’s Shroud, Historian’s Regalia and more. You can check all those new items in Collections.

    3. There’s also a chance to get a random artifact, artifact equipment, companion, mount, miscellaneous item, or even some extra keys. Dungeons, skirmishes, and trials will have a higher chance to get them. Besides, these items will be Uncommon (green), Rare (blue), or Epic (purple).

    4. There’s a chance to get a Cleric Disciple, the Sergeant Knox companion, or a Cambion Magus, which are all bound to account. These “out of print” companions have the same chance rate as others of the same quality.

    5. Items earned by doing some specific special task won’t be randomly given away, like the Yeti, Silverback Bear, and Angel of Protection.

    This is the first time for Neverwinter to give out account-bound items which are also bound to character on equip, like artifacts or companions. Do you like it?

    A new system & new “Useful Items” Inventory Tab

    So far, a new system has been added in Neverwinter, which will announce in chat when people in your instance get especially cool loot. It is not a global announcement, but only for players in your instance. This system would be easier to check whether the new drop rates work as designed.

    Besides, a new “useful Items” inventory tab is also introduced so that you can put all of your keys and misc. items (you need to carry but not refer to as often) in one bag. But it will not hold mission specific items.

    Similar to the Crafting tab, once items go in, they can’t be moved, but you can mail them. Now the official team is working hard to find ways to split stacks when you mail, as well as a way to transfer to your shared bank. Anyway, this change should not only clean up your bags, but also helps organize these items and keys.

    All these changes to dungeon keys and rewards table go live on January 17 into Neverwinter. Once it releases, you can buy neverwinter astral diamond on Safewow to experience it! Stay tuned!

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