Expert Nomination Contest

Expert Nomination Contest

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  1. Come help us grow our amazing community of experts!  Join the fun and share who really has helped you in the past.  We are looking for truly helpful experts in many different topics.  Along the way you can win prizes as well just by sharing who has provided valuable expertise to you.

    Guide to nominations:

    Think about who has helped you with their expertise.  There are many different scenarios but some examples are:

    • Have you worked with a fitness trainer who really knew their stuff?
    • Did you work with some health care specialist who really impressed you with their expertise?
    • Do you know someone who knows your city history and destinations inside and out?
    • Which professor or teacher really helped you out and is an expert in their field?
    • Have you used services from coaches, trainers, lawyers, doctors, dentists, plumbers, etc. where you really benefited from their expertise?

    ***Come share this and give thanks to them.  Its as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

    1. Go here to
    2. Enter Nominees Full Name, Email, and the Expertise you are Nominating them for.
    3. Click Nominate

    ***In the best types of nominations you know these people directly and I personally would also email them separately explaining the nomination, thanking them for their expertise, and explaining the good community purpose of helping others that is behind this.

    Best types of nominations

    1. The best type of nominations are someone you have personally worked with or used their materials extensively.
    2. The second best type of nominations are someone where you have read or followed their content and have a really good sense of their expertise.
    3. The third best is someone you found online and have researched as top quality in their Topic of Expertise.  Typically there is validation of their expertise through reviews or documentation.

    ***DO NOT nominate anyone who there is no justification for through personal experience or documented social proof.  Anyone nominating unqualified experts will be disqualified from the contest.

    Here is how the contest works:


    1. You can nominate an Expert.
    2. Once you nominate someone you are enrolled in the contest.  The contest nominations must be accepted between between 12:00 AM ET on 4/01/16 and 11:59 p.m. ET on 4/30/16.
    3. The winners at the end of the contest will be the top 5 users with the most “accepted” nominations that are validated real users.
    4. The top winner will get $100 or $1 for each accepted nomination.  Up to $1000.  Gift cards will be awarded to the users with the most valid accepted nominations.
    5. Any complaints of spamming or issues with nominations and you will be disqualified from the contest.

    *In order to prevent fraud, the community administrators will be auditing all accepted nominated users.  The prizes including the cash payments will be awarded once nominations are accepted.





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