Experts123 Update – September 2014

Experts123 Update – September 2014

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  1. Welcome to the September Community Update.

    We just rolled out this month some big improvements including

    1. Expertise Points
    2. Expert Levels
    3. Overall content quality improvements.  

    Experts123 Expertise Points

    We have more extensive details here – Expertise Points

    High level we have introduced a points system where the more you contribute to the community to help others the more you get.  As the community grows we get more requests for features from coaches, speakers, authors, and online marketers.  We will continue to build out mostly free features that lets people with expertise share their message and services to a growing audience.

    The Expertise Points is also a great way to demonstrate your expertise in specific Topics and prove that you know your stuff!

    Experts123 Levels

    The Experts123 Levels are based on Expertise Points and fulfilling tasks to make it to the next level.  Demonstrating your expertise and achieving advanced Expert Levels is something you can promote to your prospects and audience.  We will continue to work with the community to build this out further.  With the next release you will visually see to the right of your profile your current Expertise Level along with the Expertise Points that are already there.

    Overall Quality Improvements

    These changes work to improve the overall quality of the content of the site by having community members add important details before gaining access to the more powerful features.  Users wanted to know more details about the person offering expertise and this helps improve that.  As always we look for the community feedback so we invite you to use the comment button or email us at

    Nominations Contest

    Go here to signup for the Nominations Contest that officially starts October 1, 2014.  We will be awarding a cash prize of up to $1000 for just sharing and nominating experts you know would be great for the community.



    That’s it for now!  Learn, Share Expertise, and Prosper!  Let us know how we can help you achieve great things!

    Frank and the Experts123 Community


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