Exploring Sanya Hainan

Exploring Sanya Hainan

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  1. Sanya situated at the southernmost tip of Hainan Island, is perfectly located in the middle of the golden tourism zone of the South China sea with abundant tourism and natural resources and has tropical sunshine all the year round. White sand beaches, crystal clear waters, enchanting rain forests, fresh air make Sanya the most beautiful tropical seaside resort destination for both domestic and international tourists in China.

    However, for most visitors, this city is a noted tourist resort with mountains, sea, river and city, but don’t know where to explore the unique tropical ocean landscape and appreciate the local various ethnic culture that is really different from other cities in China

    You can relax totally by strolling the beaches, explore water activites and breathing the fresh air in Yalong Bay, Haitang Bay, Dadonghai and Sanya Bay, challenge the mysterious and changing sea in Wuzhizhou Island, experience Buddhist culture in Nanshan culture tourism zone, enjoy hot spring in Nantian hot spring, hire yacht to fishing on the ocean….

    Sanya is especially ideal for honeymoons and for couples exchanging their marraige vows, it is undoubtedly top seaside destination for couples and families alike, and also an increasingly popular venue for big international events, let’s explore Sanya together:

    Attractions 1 : Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone

    Nanshan has been deemed an auspicious and blessed land in Brahma. According to records from Buddhist scriptures, the Guanyin Buddha vowed twelve oaths to save all living beings. To dwell at the South Sea permanently is the second of the twelve oaths. Master Jianzhen, the renowned monk of the Tang Dynasty, tried in vain five times to sail eastward to Japan for Buddha’s teaching. On his fifth voyage to Japan, he drifted to Nanshan. While staying in Nanshan for one and a half years, he set up a temple and performed missionary work, and then, finally reached Japan on his sixth voyage attempt. A Japanese travel monk named Konghai also landed in Nanshan on his way to learn the ways of Buddhism in the Tang Dynasty. The well known saying “Good fortune as vast as the East Sea, Long Life as great as Nanshan Mountain” shows further Nanshan’s origin of relations between the Chinese traditional culture of auspiciousness and longevity. Nanshan, with its harmony and beauty, is now a tourist destination attracting more and more tourists from all over the world. It is here that people can enjoy themselves not only in this beautiful tropical environment with the sunshine, sea, sand and foliage but they can also feel the deep beauty, peace and harmony of Buddhist culture and the joy of returning to nature. for more information: http://www.horizontravelsanya.com/Sanya_Tour_Sightseeing_Scenic_Spot.html?article_id=90

    For more Sanya informations and Sanya travel guide service: please contact Horizon Travel sanya in http://www.horizontravelsanya.com

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