Eyelash Trim: Why Don Trim Your Eyelashes?

Eyelash Trim: Why Don Trim Your Eyelashes?

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  1. More than just words, people look into your eyes to gauge your sincerity and the truthfulness of what your mouth speaks.  Your eyes do give you away.  Needless to say, your eyelashes help make an impression, and so you naturally want them to be perfect.

    Long, dark, and full eyelashes are the envy of many, particularly of women who don’t have much eyelashes to show off their beautiful eyes with.  If you’re one of them, you’ve probably already contemplated on yanking out your eyelashes in hopes that bolder eyelashes would grow back and replace them.  If you’ve been there and done that, you should know by now that that is nothing but myth, an ages old legend that has been passed on from one generation of women to the next.

    Why eyelashes are important

    Like other hair all over your body, eyelashes perform a protective function.  Technically, eyelashes are termed “cilia”.  They shield your eyes from foreign particles that may enter your eyes and hurt them or, even cause infection and blindness.

    Given this protective function of your eyelashes, it would be foolish to cut or prune them, except of course if you have the happy problem of having eyelashes that are too long or to thick.  If you do have eyelashes that are too thick or too long, cutting and pruning them regularly may be a good idea so that they do not irritate or prick your eyes.

    How long does it take for eyelashes to grow back?

    See, one great reason why you shouldn’t cut or prune your eyelashes is because it takes weeks—about 14 weeks to be exact—to get them growing to their regular, normal length.  If you prune your eyelashes, that becomes a bigger problem.

    As a matter of fact, your eyelashes are short-lived.  They take only about a month or two before they start to fall off.  When they do fall off, it takes more than two months for them to grow back—this is what is known as the dormant phase.

    Can you imagine spending two months straight without eyelashes or, with eyelashes that look foolishly short?  So, keep them there and resist the temptation to give in to curiosity.  You must know what happened to the cat, right?  Well, you won’t die like the cat but you will seriously humiliate yourself when your eyelashes go bald.

    How you can take care of your eyelashes

    Other than not cutting or pruning your eyelashes, you’d also want to keep your eye area clean, and never rub your eyes, most especially with unclean hands and fingers.  If you’re using mascara, make sure that you replace them regularly to avoid infecting your eyes.  Curl your eyes too to add flair to your eyelashes but, make sure you’re eyelash curler has soft and not sharp edges.  Else, you’ll end up cutting your eyelashes.  Pull your eyelashes gently when you curl them to avoid yanking them out.

    Better ways to grow your eyelashes

    False eyelashes are readily available from your favorite beauty bar.  Ask the salesperson how you can safely attach them on your own eyelashes and how you may remove them safely.  Only use the recommended adhesive.

    If you don’t have plenty of time to spare attaching and removing false eyelashes everyday, try getting a professional eyelash extension for that consistent, hassle-free gorgeous lashes day in and day out.  Most eyelash extensions last for about two months, and eventually fall off with your real eyelashes.

    Some topical applications are also currently available which have been proven to facilitate the growth of thicker, fuller, and longer eyelashes.  Never use one without consulting your skin specialist first.  This new trend in growing beautiful eyelashes is promising.  However, there remains to be a number of side effects associated with them.  Be very careful in handling these eyelash enhancing products most especially if you have a history of developing allergies or, if you have had skin procedures done on you previously particularly around your eyes.

    We all naturally want a flattering look, and it does help to have striking eyelashes to flaunt that look with.  When it comes to your eyelashes, never ever try anything until you get your facts right—as in anything else in life.

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