FIFA 16 with fifa 16 coins signed into another device fix

FIFA 16 with fifa 16 coins signed into another device fix

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    more attention: We have been trying it out ourselves this year and we wanted to give you a heads-up to those that are frequently seeing the FIFA 16 Ultimate Team ‘signed into another device’ on the FIFA 16 Companion App.

    This actually happens quite a lot and for one specific reason – EA has a unique way of syncing up all of the Ultimate Team marketplaces and accounts across all supported devices.

    For those want a fix on the FUT 16 ‘signed into another device’ problem, all you need to do is remember to quit Ultimate Team properly on console.

    By that, we actually mean exiting out of the mode as you can see in our included screenshots. If you simply turn off the console and FIFA instantly, it won’t work and you’ll still get this error. If you put your PS4 on rest mode and try and resume on the Companion app – it won’t either.
    Physically quitting the mode is the only way in which you can instantly go from console to app, otherwise you face a long wait for EA’s database to automatically sync up correctly and let you back in.

    We just wanted to point that out to you, for those that were wondering the same thing on why it keeps happening. Let us know if this is a common issue for you and if you had no idea about actually having to close off the mode first.

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