Family-Friendly Things to Do in Malta

Family-Friendly Things to Do in Malta

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  1. Marsaxlokk Market

                Open only on Sundays, the outdoor market in Marsaxlokk offers enough entertainment for at least an entire afternoon. The market stalls are set up feet away from the Mediterranean Sea. The stalls carry a large assortment of goods, ranging from clothes and toys to bird whistles and sharks. Some of the sellers may knock a bit off the price if the customer knows how to bargain, but only if done in a polite fashion. If tourists want to take a lunch break from all their perusing, there are a slew of restaurants to try out within sight of the market. Or travelers can buy an assortment of food from the stalls and eat on the beach. And if the children get restless there is a playground located a short way from the market booths.


                Valletta is the capitol city of Malta. It contains numerous shops and restaurants, a few of them fast-food establishments, for the tourist wanting a taste of home. There are also museums about the capitol. Parts of the old walls of the city are still in place, and offer a terrific view. This view is best taken advantage of when parades are held within Valletta, with accompanying floats, intricate dances, and people dressed as the Maltese people and Knights of old.


                Mdina, referred to by some as Medina, is Malta’s old capitol city. It is a city surrounded by hills and fields and can at times become eerily quiet. It boasts museums as well as huge cannons, some of which are stationed on the city’s walls. Parks and playgrounds can be found within the vicinity of the city, and carriage rides are available for those who want to explore from the shade. The restaurants of Mdina are especially good, and some of them are perched on the former capitol’s walls, allowing customers the chance to view a picturesque landscape while they eat.   

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